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Getting Building Fund

The LEP has been awarded £15.5m of Getting Building Funding which has been approved in principle for the following projects:

Chester Drainage Tunnel - £5.225m

Funding to support a new rainwater drainage tunnel, which forms a critical part of delivering Phase 1 of the Northgate scheme in the centre of Chester and will also enable other regeneration schemes to be developed.

The tunnel will be almost 1km long and 1.2m diameter and alongside unlocking development sites will deliver environmental benefits such as significantly reducing the risk of flooding and the separation of rainwater from foul water. The Northgate scheme this initially supports will replace existing poor-quality buildings and under-used land with a comprehensive mixed-use development of the highest architectural quality. Phase 1 of the scheme will deliver a new market, a cinema, food/beverage units, offices and new public realm/event space.

M2m02 Gettingbuildingfund Drainage

All Electric Bus Fleet Depot, Warrington – £5.225m

Warrington town centre is an Air Quality Management Area as it suffers from too many fossil fuel journeys. The sustainable Infrastructure programme is a combination of a number of projects that aim at reducing carbon emissions within the Borough and particularly the town centre. The reduction in town centre car journeys and better air quality make Warrington town centre a more attractive place to live and work.

Warrington’s ambition is to transform the experience of the first and last mile as residents, workers and visitors alike enter and leave the town centre via the delivery of a large-scale sustainable travel development, focusing on public transport, cycling and walking and attracting the use of electric vehicles. The strategy requires investment in three major elements of this strategy one of which is an all electric bus fleet. The new depot, on land owned by WBC, has received planning permission. It involves the relocation of Warrington’s Own Buses Depot from its current site to a purpose built new depot. This is complementary to the recently submitted All Electric Bus Town Expression of Interest which seeks funding towards the extra over costs of making this depot suitable for an all electric bus fleet powered by electricity generated by the Council’s investments in Solar Farms.

M2m02 Gettingbuildingfund Electric Bus Depot

Alderley Park Validation Centre of Excellence – £5.05m

Capitalising on the success of the Lighthouse Lab in order to create a new Validation Centre of Excellence for innovative diagnostics, biomarkers and complex medicines and develop the UK’s onshore diagnostic capability and capacity and the associated supply chain.

The project will create a Category 3 biosafety facility and a national facility for testing and validation of new diagnostics, biomarkers and innovative therapeutics for disease, particularly highly-infectious pathogens, including respiratory viruses such as COVID-19. This will attract and retain new businesses and the newly created and trained diagnostics talent pool from AP Lighthouse. It will also facilitate additional investment in Alderley Park including the delivery of a £20m (inc. £4m LEP investment through the EZ) in the development of 90,000 sq ft of new commercial lab space and new on-site infrastructure.

M2m02 Gettingbuildingfund Alderley Park
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