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Destination Marketing Campaigns

Supporting Tourism Recovery in Chester and Cheshire

Marketing Cheshire is the organisation behind Visit Chester and Cheshire, the official face of tourism welcoming visitors to our destination. Our extensive consumer research, visitor data and product knowledge has enabled us to lead the sub-regional tourism recovery and develop a marketing campaign, which positions Chester and Cheshire to meet consumer motivation and need states. 

As we come out of the third and hopefully final national lockdown, we will use our established and trusted communication channels to:

  • Develop content in line with the Government road-map and product opening dates
  • Show consumers how a day visit or short break stay in Chester and Cheshire can meet their needs
  • Develop targeted promotions for specific audiences by ‘packaging’ up the product
  • Showcase all Marketing Cheshire partners through focused content on social media and
  • Support with destination focused PR
  • Connect into national and international VisitEngland campaigns
  • Build on our new Media Partnerships, such as Cheshire Life

Delivery Timeline

March to April 12th

Our team are compiling content to support the April 12th re-opening. Messaging will focus around what's open now, self-catering availability and Cheshire Day.

April 12th to May 17th

The beginning of an organic social media campaign 'On Our Doorstep’, targeting a local and visiting friends/family audience with what's open now and summer staycation teaser content.

May 17th Onwards

Visit Chester and Cheshire launches national staycation campaign showcasing the breadth of the destination product, sylised using '&' in campaign headlines and visuals.

March to April 12th

Join us virtually on 30th March 2021 as we celebrate Cheshire Day

  • Spread the word of #CheshireDay with your networks
  • Share what you LOVE about Cheshire (and any new lockdown discoveries)
  • Tell us when you are planning to reopen (and what we can look forward to)
  • Compile what’s open on April 12th on and share with accommodation providers
  • Social media posts to show self-catering availability

April 12th - May 18th

On Our Doorstep... We’ve all got to know our doorsteps better, let’s show off the best of our doorstep discoveries!

  • Encourage local people and local businesses to share what’s on their doorstep
  • Attract a visiting friends and relatives audience and local people to explore a little further
  • Blogposts on highlighting partner businesses and local voices
  • Social media ‘postcards’ to share
  • Continue to promote what’s open, where to eat alfresco

May 17th Onwards

Emphasising the '&'... Our destination has so much to offer, we want to bring the different parts together to encourage people to have a summer staycation in Chester and Cheshire.

We are:

  • Chester & Cheshire
  • City & Countryside
  • Family Fun & Adventure & Treats

We will match the product to consumer need states, i.e. 

  • Fun, Freedom & Little Friends
  • Best spaces in Cheshire to have fun and run wild with little cousins and best friends

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